Psychology Today

Certified counselors in alcohol and drug abuse, eating disorders and food addiction- depression, anxiety and trauma. Thank you for your interest in Rincon Recovery… It is a privilege to serve our community. My mentor impressed upon me, “we all have our own answers- it’s whether or not we are asked the right questions” – As a counselor I always remember I am not the one with the “power”. Sometimes having the opportunity to process the experience with a counselor- identifying what has worked and what has not- provides a different direction. Life changes- whether we embrace it or fight it- it’s gonna happen!
I have worked in the field of alcohol/drug abuse, emotional well being and addiction since 1990. I specialize in substance abuse and food addiction because of my own life experiences and recovery. Misuse of alcohol and other substances is only a symptom of the problem; by changing the relationship with substances- healing can begin.
Rincon Recovery is GA-DHR licensed provider for DUI offenders (clinical evaluations and DUI Level I treatment). Licensed in 2009 through Bariatric Support Centers International to provide Weight Loss Surgery Educational Programs and offer monthly workshops.