Coaching & Counseling Services

Recovery and Healing Sessions
Anisa is a Licensed Psychotherapist and Certified Bariatric Wellness Coach offering individual sessions that are solution focused and goal oriented.   For many years individuals have been repeating the same cycle of behaviors, find themselves exhausted and want to change, but do not know how to start that process.  That is when people find themselves seeking Anisa’s guidance and support.  Through counseling and coaching, individuals find their way to recovery.  Learning how to work through obstacles and create a quality of life that includes healing and hope. 

Coaching is available nationwide and meetings occur with Anisa in a private “web room”.  Anisa is providing virtual tele-coaching and tele-therapy sessions; traditional in office appointments are available.

Adult (18-older) Counseling
Our services include Psychosocial Assessments, Individual (one-on-one) sessions, Trauma Resolution Therapy, Group Therapy, case management for outside referrals, and community resources are provided as needed. All sessions are virtual and are generally 50 minutes unless the client requests differently.

Individual Counseling
Virtual counseling sessions are offered to address the needs of the individual. It takes a lot of courage to seek treatment for whatever the problem and we are here to provide a therapeutic virtual setting allowing a person to explore the problem and seek a new direction. Counseling sessions are private and confidential.

Marriage-Couple Counseling
There are times in relationships when counseling is necessary to work through obstacles. Those obstacles might include communication struggles, infidelity, blended families, excessive computer/internet issues, and domestic violence. These are delicate situations and handled in a way that empowers the couple to grow together. All sessions are virtual and 50 minutes.

Trauma Recovery
Certified Trauma Resolution Therapists offer both individual and group therapy. Trauma Resolution is based on addressing the trauma from its origin (etiotropic) and resolving the symptoms that often reoccur. Common symptoms include (but are not limited to) anxiety, sleep disturbance, depression, addiction, and isolation.

Employee Assistance Programs:
An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a voluntary, work-based program that offers free and confidential assessments, short-term counseling, referrals, and follow-up services to employees.  EAPs address a broad and complex body of issues affecting mental and emotional well-being, such as alcohol and other substance abuse, stress, grief, family problems, and psychological disorders.  View our EAP partner pages here. 

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Virtual Tele-therapy
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