The term bariatrics refers to the branch of medicine that is concerned with the treatment of obesity. We are proud to be the only Licensed and Certified Bariatric Education Program in this region. We provide the materials and resources to help individuals adjust to their existing program. We offer workshops designed to meet specific needs regardless of the type of weight loss procedure and offer pre/post operative benefits.

Learn about the Post Bariatric Stanford Study below.

Stanford Study

Factors Distinguishing Weight Loss Success & Failure
at 5 or More Years Post-Bariatric Surgery

Stanford Study

Weight Regain Post-Bariatric Surgery:
Patient Insights

Pre-Operative Psychological Assessments

Often programs require a psychological assessment for surgery clearance. Anisa Grantham, a GA Licensed Psychotherapist and Master Addiction Counselor, provides this service for multiple facilities in GA and SC. These assessments determine if there are areas of concern that need to be addressed prior to surgery, thereby increasing the opportunity for successful weight loss maintenance. All sessions are virtual.

Pre/Post-Operative Counseling

Virtual individual and group counseling is available pre-operatively as the individual prepares for surgery. The decision to have weight loss surgery is significant and can be devastating when an individual’s weight reaches a point to consider surgical intervention. Post-operative counseling offers assistance with the adjustments to their new lifestyle and learning how to get comfortable in their relationships with food, support systems, and society. All sessions are virtual.

Success Habits Workshops

Anisa Grantham is licensed by Bariatric Support Center International – leaders in bariatric education and research. This unique 3 hour workshop will provide instruction and demonstration of the principles identified to help WLS patients succeed. Anisa is a WLS patient from 2002 and adds her personal perspective! Workshops are now virtual and offered several times per month.

Choose Tuesday evening from 6-9PM EST, Friday or Saturday from 9AM-12PM EST


Back-on-Track Workshops

The virtual Back-On-Track 6- week program is designed specifically for those WLS surgery patients who are struggling with re-gain, have not hit their target goal weight, and those that have hit “the plateau”.


Bariatric Life Coaching

Our trained Bariatric Coaching Staff will work with individuals as they embrace their new lifestyle and achieve their goals! Coaching is not counseling – this is a different approach to assist individuals in realizing their own power, identifying obstacles, setting and achieving goals. All coaching packages are virtual.

Bariatric Support:

Join us the 3rd Thursday of each month for our bariatric support group meetings.

The topics vary each month and focus on education, support, and motivation. This group is free and open to the community.


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