Addiction & Recovery

Anisa has worked in the field of Addiction & Recovery since 1990 and has found working with the out-patient population is her passion.  She has established an educational program using an evidence based approach.  Addiction is a brain disease- brain chemistry is altered when alcohol, drugs, and sugar are introduced. The goal is to return to a state of balance – emotional and physical health.    Individuals learn the basics of addiction, in the brain and body, identifying triggers (physical and emotional), relapse prevention- how to manage emotions and behaviors without substances, and introduced to healthy coping skills for improving quality of life.  The individual tele-therapy  sessions are available during evening and weekends upon request.


Substance Abuse Assessments (Adult & Adolescent)
Virtual assessments are provided to individuals who are voluntarily seeking help, have been court-ordered, or referred as a pre-trial diversion option.  Biopsychosocial assessments help to identify the symptoms associated with substance use, determine the diagnosis, and the appropriate level of care if treatment is recommended.  Appropriate referrals are made and case management is provided as needed.

Clinical Evaluations for DUI Offenders
As a requirement of the State of Georgia – any person convicted of 2 DUIs in 5 years (since 07/01/1997) or any person convicted of one DUI since 07/01/2008 must complete a clinical evaluation. Anisa is a GA DBHDD (Dept. of Behavior Health & Developmental Disabilities) approved Clinical Evaluator (#1742) and offers virtual evaluations to 1st and multiple DUI offenders.  We also accept out-of-state DUI required evaluations.  The clinical evaluator list is available on the Georgia Multiple Offender Program Website.

Individual Therapy
For those seeking one-on-one counseling for alcohol and/or drug abuse. Individual therapy is intensive and addresses the “nuts and bolts” of the substance problem. Counseling sessions will be scheduled according to the needs of the individual. During this time, counseling is also offered to the support system as we understand that addiction is a family disease. Talk therapy, trauma resolution, and cognitive behavior therapy are techniques used in the healing process. All sessions are virtual.

Professionals Advocacy
We are an approved preferred provider by the Georgia State Board of Pharmacy and Nursing Board. Our staff will work directly with the professional and the licensing boards to assist with consent orders and reinstatements. Sessions provide support, accountability, and ongoing monitoring.

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