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Meet Anisa Grantham

Anisa Grantham is a Georgia licensed psychotherapist, a Georgia Certified Addiction Counselor, and a Master Addictions Counselor through NAADC. She has worked in the field of substance abuse and emotional wellness since 1990. Anisa earned a Bachelors Degree in Psychology in 1994 from GA Southern University and went on to complete a Master of Education Degree with an emphasis in Mental Health Counseling.

Anisa specializes in substance abuse and food addiction as a result of her own personal experiences. She is a weight loss surgery (WLS) patient and is committed to providing quality education/counseling services to the community. She is credentialed as a Bariatric Life Coach, a Bariatric Support Group Leader, Success Habits Trainer and a Back On Track Facilitator.

Anisa Grantham

I describe it as a relationship with food. Food was always there in my life, through the good times, and the difficult times. Food never wanted or expected anything from me. It was just there. When people in my life let me down, disappointed me, betrayed my trust, or even made me happy and celebrated with me, I could always rely on food to pull me through, to make things better, if even for a little while.

I know today, through education and research that there is a chemical change in the brain system when we eat certain types of food. It doesn’t make me feel any less responsible for my overeating and binge eating. It just helps me to understand that there is a process and I can make a choice to eat or not eat my trigger foods.

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Living A Happy Life

This is the life that I wanted. I am living the life that I prayed for. I choose to live my life on purpose and with purpose, and with my God all things are possible.

Anisa Grantham, LPC, MAC

Inspiration To Many

“I was very honored Anisa Grantham shared her story with me. When I sat down in front of this lady to interview her, I knew I would share some very personal, somewhat delicate stories of me. I smiled … some parts, I laughed. Other parts I felt like crying. And, some of the time I thought she was talking about me instead of herself.

What an inspiration this woman has been to so many already in her lifetime… and what an inspiration she will be to so many more to come …”

Julie Hales, Publisher – Effington Magazine


I would wholeheartedly recommend the counseling expertise of Anisa Grantham, LPC, MAC. With her, I not only found professional advise and structure, but a true ally on my path to recovery. I will forever be grateful to her for helping me see the power I possess to face the continual challenge of healing. Thanks to my time with Anisa,  I am currently able to enjoy a period of great happiness, but remain better equipped to deal with the inevitable struggles to follow.


Forever Grateful

Visit with Anisa for my therapy sessions. She is very compassionate and will go the extra mile to get you to succeed.   

Elsie V.

Thank you

I just felt the hand of appreciation to say this facility and the people there are awesome and do their job very well. And as in my case, if you fail at whatever you are intending to do here, it’s a serious malfunction within yourself. But one specific counselor is one of the biggest reasons I am successful today. Staying sober and now staying healthy. If you can’t get help here, than you really don’t want it

Chris Neely

Healthy & Sober

Anisa is kind, understanding, and a beacon of light. She met with me when I was going through the preparations of WLS and it was comforting to know that I was conversing with someone who understood me. 

Kat Hibbard

A Beacon of Light

6 years ago I met Anisa, she was my counselor while I was going through with my gastric bypass surgery before I got it and after.  She is the best she really help me.  I started at 407lbs and now I’m 217lbs and kept the weight off for going on 7 years in August.  ….went from 6x shirt to x large shirt and 58 pants to a 38 pants.     

James Barrs

Anisa is the Best

Anisa is amazing! I took my daughter for evaluation for weight loss surgery. We ended up talking about everything! She is very compassionate and knowledgeable about not only weight loss, but addiction and trauma among other things. This was definitely an appointment by God.  

Michelle Coursey

Compassionate and Knowledgeable

Rincon Recovery has set a bar of excellence that others will never meet. Anisa is absolutely the best. I highly recommend her to any family in need. I would definitely travel a long way to see her!! 

Allison Judge

Bar of Excellence

She is very passionate about what she does. It was so easy to open up to her and for her to help me understand my relationship with food. I felt like I made a friend in the process also. Highly recommend her

Paula Bailey Higgins

Highly Recommend

She has taught me how to listen to my stomach when I am full. She taught me about what I need to re-train my brain. Bariatric surgery is just a tool in your journey to weight loss. I loved her workshop. It was educational and fun! I loved it!  

Jolyen Hale

Great Teacher

Anisa is an exceptional example of personal success, strength and compassion

Colleen May Cook

Leads by Example

A consummate professional. Warm, insightful, real. A decision I am proud of and better because of.

Jeff Eardley

Warm & Insightful

Anisa, you’re the best coach ever!

Lakysha F.

Best Coach Ever!

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