Success Habits of Weight Loss Surgery Patients Book




Learn what successful weight loss surgery patients know! In this best selling, research based, surgeon recommended book,  you will find structure, clarity and simplicity to help you not only reach but maintain a healthy weight. Be inspired by stories from the lives of Sleeve, Gastric Bypass, Laparoscopic Band, Duodenal Switch, weight-loss surgery patients. Each one has found success through the surgical treatment of their choice and by making the Success Habits an integral part of their lives. These are not just one year winners but long term losers! Five, ten, fifteen and nearly thirty years post-op. They are well, healthy and grateful for their decision to have weight loss surgery and for the structure and accountability that the Success Habits principles provide.Whether you are investigating weight loss surgery, a new patient, a veteran, a struggling weight loss surgery patient, or a bariatric professional you will find this book both educational and motivational..

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