Conquer Your Cravings, Emotional Eating and Food Addictions




This is a remarkable course that really works to curb your cravings and emotional eating.   How do we know?

Because we’ve been there, done that, AND kept the weight off!
We know this class will make a difference in your life!

What You Get …

8 Weeks of Live Coaching Calls (4 weeks + 4 bonus weeks = 8 Total Weeks)
*** Plus  Access to an exclusive, members only area filled with meditations, reading, lessons, tools, videos and more!

Taught by some of the most successful women in the industry:

  • Karen Donaldson, Owner of Excel Weight Loss Solutions
  • Anisa Grantham, Owner of Rincon Recovery and
  • Dawn Hurlebaus, Owner of Slimpressions and SolacePath LLC